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All the best tower defense games have something unique to offer game players. For example, with bloons tower defense 4, the graphics have been lovingly crafted to create a style which is fun and adds to the action packed nature of the game. This game also has many exciting towers which are beautifully presented. Included in the arsenal of towers is A blimp which circles the gaming area to pop the enemy balloons from within a certain range. Another power weapon is the rocket launcher, which is able to destroy multiple balloons. Another TD game is Bubble Tanks TD, but the graphical style in this one is completely different, with it being more minimalistic and clean. In bloons you could place the towers anywhere in given space, where as in Bubble tanks Tower Defense you have set squares to place them. Certain towers take up more than one square, with these ones usually being a more powerful or specialized. Another game you can play on this site is Elona shooter, which is again a bit different in that it's more of a defense game. You must defend you city against hoards of enemies coming form the left. The great thing about this game is that there is an added Role Playing Game element to it. Once a “round” has finished, you're taken to another screen. Here you can purchase extra man power to defend the city, as well as arm these soldiers. You can also purchase other items and even have a rest for the night. Just like in btd5, all this is possible from earning the game's own in game currency. Like with racing games, if you want a game with a bit more depth in game play, this might be extremely interesting for you. On sites another game of this type is Stormwinds: The Lost Campaigns, which is similar but is based on airborne ships attacking your base. Something different to test yourself with is Happy Wheels - PlayVille, which offers addictive gameplay. You have a set quality of slots which you can purchase various types of gun for. War games like this are challenging because most guns are manual fire, so you need to switch between them to use different types of gun for enemies with different speeds and armor.
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